Anybus Configuration for Rockwell Studio



I have a setup issue I am looking for help with. I am attempting to set up an HMS0EN2SE-R using a Rockwell L85 processor and V30 studio.

I loaded the configuration file into the project and downloaded, but an receiving the following fault: (Code 16#0009) Module Configuration Rejected: Parameter Error. Additional Fault Code 16#0000.

The LEDs on the anybus are as follows: 1 and 2 flashing green, 3 flashing green, 5 solid green, and 6 flashing green.

The device seems to have taken the configuration and to be running properly, but I can’t seem to clear the configuration fault in my Studio program. I am looking for guidance in where to look for issues and how to proceed. Thank you.



I may need to go through the setup with you just to make a few checks.

One common mistake that people make when going through the setup guide is they don’t hit apply/ok/yes to some of the pop up boxes in Studio 5000

Can you try and run through the manual on page 21 and let me know if you’re still running into issues after this?



Thank you for your reply. All necessary apply/ok/yes approvals are being selected for pop up boxes.

Reviewing the manual, I have followed all steps up to step 12 in the manual (Connect to the linking device by clicking the connect button). When I attempt to connect, I get an error that says “No module was found, retry?”. However, I know I am connected to the device because I am able to ping it, and on the Module Info tab of Module Properties I am able to see the device, serial number, etc. It show up as having no major or minor faults, but with an internal state of “unconnected”.

Any thoughts on why this may be happening?


In ACM does it just fail to connect right away or does it connect but fail when uploading or downloading?


It fails to connect right away.


Can you go to tools> port > and see if maybe it’s trying to connect to the wrong port?


It says no com port available. How should I be connecting to the device? Config manager does not seem to recognize my ENET ports, and when I try to connect through the switch or PLC I experience the same failure.


For this you’ll need to connect through the serial port on the bottom of the device


Okay, what type of port do I need to have on my computer for the config manager to work? It does not seem to recognize my ENET, HDMI, or USB ports. Do I need to find a computer with a serial port, or is there a way to get the manager to recognize my other ports?


Do you have a USB to serial cable? and do you see anything show up in the device manager when you open it?


USB to serial cable is functional and appears in device manager, but can’t be found by the configuration manager.



First can you make sure that you have the Anybus Transport Provider downloaded to get the drivers needed.

After that can you go to Online > Select Connection > Config > Select the corresponding COM-port and then try to connect again


What is the Anybus Transport Provider? I can’t find that anywhere.

I am confused by the need for extra drivers… I don’t see any mention of this in any of the setup guides, or even anywhere it specifies that we can only configure the Anybus through the serial port and not the ENET port. Is there a document that goes through the process with all of these details?



Sorry about that, I was thinking of a different device for the transport provider. When you go into the configuration manager though, does it give you the option to select the device COM-port? I’ll have to look for some more documentation on the EN2SE-R


No, it does not give me the option to select any com ports. It just says “No com ports available”, and has no options for specifying where to look.


Would it be possible for me to jump on teamviewer with you tomorrow morning and take a closer look at this device?

We start the day at 8AM EST

We can also be called at 312 893 5636


I can call tomorrow morning. I am not on-site with the device this week; I was troubleshooting with it last week but have resources running tests for me now as I coordinate remotely.



Just wanted to see if this issue was resolved before I close this ticket,