Anybus Configuration Manager (MAPS) help needed

Hello Rob,

You were in contact with Jim Thompson back in August 2019 for a Anybus Modbus to BACnet Gateway / 100 data points - #AB9900-100-A.
We bought one but I can’t load the MAPS SW on my pc.

Message from my IT department - program did not include developer information in the installer, so our security software sees it is a potential threat

I couldn’t create a new account on the HMS support web page to ask for help. I never received an email (not in junk or spam folders either). So I’m asking you for help.

Is there a problem with the Configuration Manager (MAPS) version on the support web site for the AB9900?

Thanks and Best Regards,

No, there is no problem with the installer. If your security software is blocking it you may need your IT department to whitelist it, or try another computer.

This is the link to the installer:

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