I have 2 Ethernet IP Networks that I cannot have them as a single Network due to some security reasons. However, I want these 2 Networks to be able to communicate with each other.

We are looking at utilizing HMSI-27-262 to achieve this. Would this device be able to enable the communication between the 2 Networks?

Thank you!


Would you be able to advise whether this is possible please.


Hi @Abel,

Exactly what device do you have? Do you have the AB code for the device? If you have an ab7831 then this allows you to have an IO device on 2 different networks but does not give direct access to each network from the other. A Ethernet/ip scanner will need to read and write data to the interface.


Hi @deryck_hms, thanks for your reply. To make my question more specific-

We have a ControlLogix PLC running in Ethernet/IP network with a few Stratix5700 network switches, now there is a water treatment system to be integrated with our system. The WT system is using a CompactLogix PLC running in Ethernet/IP network with one unmanaged network switch.

There are about 40 INT and 20 BOOL to be exchanged between two system (PLCs), and for security reason, we need to segregate two networks (VLANs), so we plan to have an interfacing device between WT unmanaged switch and out Stratix switch.

The model we are looking at is AB7831, could you please confirm if it can be used to do such inter VLAN data exchange? If it cannot do it, would you please recommend another model which is capable to do it? Thanks a lot.

Hello Abel,

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The ab7831 has two Ethernet/IP interfaces that exchanges up to 512 bytes in both directions. The would allow EIP scanners in either direction to exchange data with an IO connection.