Anybus Gateway Profinet IO to Modbus TCP Slave

Order # AB7650

I am setting up an Anybus Gateway Profinet IO to Modbus TCP Slave to communicate between a BRX Automation Direct PLC and a ESAB PAB Welder. I have installed the GSDML files. I have the Gateway receiving data from the Modbus TCP side but nothing from the Profinet IO side to the gateway. What all do you need to do to setup the Profinet IO Side? IP Adressing is in and no errors on the gateway. Certain software?

Thanks for any help.


We do have documentation to set up the Profinet IO Side of the device.

You will need have the configuration tool for Profinet find the station name to assign the IP address to it.

Review the document and follow the process. Let us know if you encounter any further issues.

Thanks for the fast response. I tried using a configuration tool called Proneta. This allowed me to bring in the gateway and the PAB box I am communicating with. I did not see anywhere in there where you allocate IO though. Is there a certain config tool I should be using? I also am using a Profinet IO to Modbus TCP slave gateway, with no Siemens products.

Do you have a Profinet Master on the network?

Proneta isn’t used for configuration. Proneta can help with connecting to the unit, but you are not able to assign the IO config. The Profinet Master should have a configuration tool to assign the IO.

I have setup the ethernet for the Profinet IO side, using the defaulted IP address and modifying. Do you have a link for the tool that I need to be using? I believe this is my issue. Forgive my ignorance.


What is the Profinet Master on that network? You can’t have two slave interfaces talking to each other, a Master is required. It looks like the issue you are having is you don’t have a designated Master. Is BRX Automation Direct PLC the profinet master? If so, they should have the configuration tool that you need to get the IO assigned for the PLC.

That would make sense. The BRX is ethernet IP but was going to use modbus tcp from it to talk to the modbus side of the gateway and from the profinet IO out to the PAB controller and vice versa. Any of that make sense? Once again, thanks for the replies!


The PAB controller would need to be the Master on the Profinet side, so it should have it’s configuration tool. I worry that the PAB is a slave, because part of the Master duties is to use the GSDML file to connect to the Profinet Slave interface. You may need to verify if the PAB controller is able to be set as a master or not.

Will do.


I am going to check on the PAB. I believe it is a slave as well. It does come with a GSDML file. Do you have any recommendations on a gateway to use or any other means if the PAB is a slave?

Our standard x gateway’s only offer Profinet slave interface only. I would reach out to our sales department to go over all possible options.


My name is Justin Poirier I work with josh who contacted you earlier on the Profinet PAB issue. I had another idea and wanted to see if you thought it might work.

At the moment we have an Anybus profibus DP Master to Modbus TCP Slave on hand. What I was wondering is can we use the Profibus DP Master and buy a Profibus DP Slave (or Master) to Profinet I/O to connect with the PAB box. It seem cumbersome but this has been custom made so getting another made with profibus is not an option at the moment. I attached a picture of the idea.

As long as the relationships are correct such as Master/Slave, the communication should pass through. You can try it out, and let us know if there is an issue.

We decided to go with a S7 1200 to be the Master and be able to communicate with the PAB Profinet slave and the Gateway Profinet Slave.

Ah ok. Excellent.