Anybus goes idle when Rockwell PLC runs


I’m trying to use an Anybus X-gateway to connect a Rockwell PLC with a JUMO HMI, the PLC is Ethernet/IP while the HMI is Modbus. The PLC only needs to read from the HMI so all transactions are set up to read HMI registers.

In Rockwell Studio 5000 the Anybus is set up as a generic module. The transaction registers show up when the PLC is in program mode but as soon as the PLC is set to “RUN” mode the Anybus goes idle and all the registers are set to 0. Everything tests fine until I need to actually run it.

Any ideas on why this happens would be welcome.



Could you provide some more info?

Is this the AB9006?

Does it behave the same when it is connected to HMI as it does when it is not?

When you say it goes idle, is that as reported by Studio or are you checking the status in the Anybus Configuration Manager? What are the LEDs doing?



It was the AB9006. The issue seemed to be that the Anybus had to be set to run in the PLC program. The problem has been resolved.