Anybus Profibus Master Simulator Not Establishing Communications

Hello and Good Afternoon,

I am attempting to use the Anybus Profibus Master Simulator for the first time, and having difficulty getting online as a master. After creating a COM port (COM03) in my Device Manager, setting this port in the Communication Settings, and loading a slave gsd file, attempting Easy Start or Start with GSD always results in the same error: “Unable to open COM port!”

What am I doing wrong?



How are you making the connection to the Profibus Dongle with your PC? You should not have to create a comport in device manager and should just need to tell the software what comport to use. The dongle is a RS232 connection, most customers use a USB to Serial converter to connect. You would just need to check what comport the usb to serial port is configured for then set that as the comport in the software.