Anybus profinet connector - usb programmable cable query

Hi guys

its my first time using an anybus module and ive been tasked to download this configuration .cfg file. I’ve got a step by step on it which is great however im on site and i was not given any specfic cables for this. I’m using an anybus communicator profinet device ab17013C. its current connections is green profinet cable at the front and a D-type serial cable underneath.

so the instruction states to remove the current D type connector and to replace it with a usb programable cable. would this then be a d-type to usb cable, can it be any generic converter that I can order online or is there a specific pc-connector usb cable that comes with the anybus module?

i tried my ethernet cable to usb adapater and plugged it into the profinet port on the front but it doesnt get picked up by the CAS suite software. What cable could i use for this?

Hi @Bus_alternative1,

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If you have the AB7013 (ab17013C is not an Anybus article number), it comes with a programming cable which is a DB9 to RJ11. The pinout is in the User Manual on page 99 if you need to make one or you can order on with Anybus order code 018860. If you do not have a DB9 port on your PC, you may need a USB-to-serial (RS232) adapter as well.