Anybus S 10/100 support



I have a Schneider Quantum PLC and I am trying to communicate it with the Anybus S 10/100 modules through Modbus/TCP communication protocol. There are four such modules and the holding registers for all four modules are same. For example, module 1 has input holding register starting from 40001 with word length of 15 words and the output holding register starting from 41025 with word length of 7 words. This register address continues for other three modules also i.e. module 2,3 and 4.

I need to establish communication between Schneider PLC and the Anybus modules. If I try to give the exact register address that is there in the Anybus module “40001” in Schneider PLC ie. %MW1, it overwrites that memory address because it is used by some other device. The only possible way I could find is to change the holding register addresses of these modules as per the free address available in Schneider PLC.

Please provide a solution as to how to change the holding register addresses in the Anybus module with a step by step guide.

Would really appreciate your help.



Hi Samir,

Did these modules come installed in another machine or were they purchased as stand alone devices?

Which addressing mode are you using, Anybus or Modbus? (see PDF below)



Hi Kyle,

Thank you for getting back to me.

The issue has been resolved.


Samir Roy