Anybus - S Profibus DP - Communication

We’re trying to communicate with an inverter drive that has a Anybus-S Profibus DP card (AB4076-C).
My client has some modules already installed and working, but they’re the AB 4429.
My question is, is there any way to upgrade this module to work with the GSD of the AB 4429? (firmware or any other way)
If that’s not possible, is there any GSD that works with this module? I couldn’t find anything.
It is an old plant that has been using these modules for alot of years, and they’re not keen on upgrading them.
I don’t know alot of these types of communications modules, so i’m kind of lost. Any help is appreciated.

Hi @Braga,

It looks like you have a support case open and are currently working with Gustavo on this so I will close this thread. Feel free to update when you have a solution though!

Best Regards,

Kyle Reynolds