Anybus Software

I have an AnyBus Modbus Gateway, how to Communicate with PLC. I need some software and where to download it?

If you go to and enter the article number of the device (AB-xxxx or HMS-EN2xx-R) in the search field, it will bring you to the product page for your device where you can find all documents and downloads.

I have an Anybus Modbus RTU to TCP Gateway, after enter the article number of the device in the search field. it brings the product page where I found IP Configuration Software. I need a CHIPTOOL Software to Communicate with Modbus Salve devices, can you please send me that link where I can download it or else guide please.

What is the article number of the device you have?

AnyBus Modbus Gateway. Article Number is AB7702-B

You need to download the HMS IPConfig utility from this page to set the IP address, then log into the web interface to configure the device.