Anybus to simocode



Once I configured the simocode so it was faulted, I was able to get the Anybus to communicate via Profibus.

Now for my next question.

The customer on this site has an expectation that the ANYBUS x-gateway will allow him to communicate/program/ and configure simocodes from the ethernet network using the PC. I am thinking this is probably not possible. My guess is that It is possible to set up a PLC on the ethernet side and communicate to the simocodes via anybus.

Can the devices on the profibus side be modified from the eithernet side via Anybus from a PC?

Thanks for the help in making this much progress.


Mark Kinser




Hi Mark,

You can’t communicate with the Profibus devices directly through the gateway, it’s not a transparent gateway in that sense, but it allows the profibus slaves to send their data to the EIP network. I’m not familiar enough with the Simocode and how it’s configured to say what is and what’s not possible. If you look at Section 2 of the User Manual it explains how the data transfer works.



Thanks. You’ve confirmed my suspicions.