Anybus Wireless Access Point IP67 - AWB5142

Hi, I have two AWB5142: WLAN AP, IP67, with mesh that after both performing a factory reset, does not show the Web GUI.

Can ping the APs, FTP service, and SSH but not HTTP/HTTPS.

Is HTTP disabled by default and must be enabled manually?

Where can I download the CLI reference command?

Is there a quick method of resolving?

Please advise.


Hello Kansor,

The default ip address of the device is Make sure you have a static IP in the same subnet, DHCP is off by default and connected to one of the lan ports. This should give you access to the webpage of the device.

The default switch login user name is admin and the password is admin.

Any documentation and user guides we have available are posted here: Downloads and Documentation


Yes I used the default settings. I was unable to access the interface and I used the default IP and credential above.

IP Config didn’t even pick it up even though I was able to ping and access the previously mentioned services.



How did you reset the device the first time? Try resetting it again by 0 holding the reset button on the hardware for > 10 seconds.

You are connected directly to it correct?


I’m directly connected to the 5142. As a test, I open a brand new unit and did a factory reset on the bench and has the same results.

I can scan the network and see it with the FTP server but no HTTP. (see Attachment)

What happens when you enter the IP in a browser? This matches how the device shows up for me but i can still access the webpage without issues.

I’m not positive these devices support HMS IPconfig.


I left it to reboot let it sit for 30mins and finally the GUI does load.

If you get a brand new unit, IP configure detects it, just not after a factory reset. What has changed or what file is missing after a factory reset?