Anybus Wirelss Bolt Access Point and Client Setup

Hello, I am currently trying to setup three of my wireless bolts but am having some difficulty. One Bolt i have set up as a client with the other two as Access Points but can only get one of the access points to connect.



I will gather some documentation and follow up with you shortly.

Hello, I now have two of the three step up where one is a client and another is a access point but cant seem to get the last bolt setup.


I would take a look at section A.1 in the User Manual.

Ethernet Bridge via WLAN or Bluetooth® (Easy Config)
Fig. 21 Ethernet bridge
This example describes how to connect two Ethernet network segments via WLAN or Bluetooth
using Easy Config.

  1. In the web interface of unit 1, activate Easy Config Mode 4. This unit will now be
    discoverable and open for automatic configuration.
    Fig. 22 Easy Config Mode 4
  2. In the web interface of unit 2, activate Easy Config Mode 5 for WLAN or 6 for Bluetooth.
    Unit 2 will now discover and configure unit 1 as a client and configure itself as an access
    Fig. 23 Easy Config Mode 5
    Unit 1 will be assigned the first free IP address in the same Ethernet subnet as unit 2.
    Adding More Devices
    Up to 6 additional clients can be added by repeating the procedure. Each new client will be
    assigned the next free IP address in the current subnet.

Does the access point have a pool of IP’s?