Anybus X ethernet IP to Modbus TCP configuration page missing

I have Anybus X gateway AB7632-F s.n. A05AE761. It should work as a modbus TCP (unitronics PLC) to Ethernet IP (Rockwell PLC) gateway.
After configuring IP address the webserver does not have a lot options in terms of configuration data mapping registers etc.
Anybus configuration manager only sets up ethernet I/O data size. Can not either change lower ports to modbus TCP.
Is there anything in basic configuration I am missing or additional software I need?


Hello Darius,

The interfaces are adapter/slave interfaces on the unit. They are configured to work with Ethernet IP and MODBUS. The ports themselves are not dedicated to one specific protocol for this Gateway type.

As for Mapping Registers, this is done on the Scanner/Master software. You can refer to Section 5 for register addresses, and mapping the registers for the Mobus TCP interface. It will be dependent on which addressing mode you are using. (Anybus vs Modbus)

The configuration for this device requires only assigning the interface, addressing mode, and IO data size.

Hi Kevin,
Thank You for the tip. Would implicit messaging work right away or do I need to pull registers first.
As of now the communication PLC1- anybus X - PLC2 works but I have no data being transferred.
Do you have some examples of such communication exchange in Control Logix environment?