Anybus X-gateway AB7634-F offline


I have an issue with communicating with the Anybus X-gateway AB7634-F. The offline light is always on in Red. I can connect to Anybus by USB cable and download the config but the Offline light is still on. How can I turn it Online?


Hello @ethann,

If you are referring to the online offline LEDs on the profibus side of the gateway this is reflecting the status of the connection on the BUS. To have the device go Online you need to connect it to the Profibus Network master, putting it online in the bus.


Hi Deryck,

Thank you for your email.

We connected the Profibus side to the Profibus network with 3 Siemens ET200pro, however the light still indicates OFFLINE. What other things do we need to look at? Do we need to connect to the gateway with hyper terminal to enable the operation mode?




In the Anybus Configuration Manager, under ‘Tools’ > ‘Set Operation Mode’, what does it say?

Hi Kyle,

The Set Operation Mode is grey out, so I can’t change anything.

I am trying to use hyperterminal to change the operation mode from there.



When I get online and choose Set Operation Mode, it came up with this.

Are you sure you are still connected to the gateway with the USB cable?

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