Anybus X-Gateway (AB7649) and MicroLogix1400 PLC

I cannot find an instruction for EEM so am using MSG

Receive MSG
Receive MSG

Send MSG
Send MSG


IP Config

Have you created a case for this issue at If not, please do as that will allow the case to be escalated to the Anybus developers. From what I can see, it appears to be configured right, but I am not the expert on RSLogix.

@willparky This thread helped me out with the connection issues. Ended up having to use the hyperterminal and power cycle the Anybus gateway, then that seems to fix the communication issue.

Thanks for the suggestion @dschmitz5.

@willparky You were able to download the configuration to the X-Gateway via the USB cable and Anybus Configuration Manager - X-Gateway, right?

If so, and the connection continues to timeout, it sounds like there is some kind of network issue. Can you ping both the PLC and the X-Gateway from the network?

Have you tried connecting the X-Gateway directly to the PLC?

I have started a support request but not much help other than sending me the PDFs you already have.

I am connected to both the gateway and the PLC using the same port on my laptop. I have even tried connecting the plc and gateway directly but it still does not make a difference.

It seems the MSG instruction or connection request is not finding its way to the gateway although I’m not sure why not.

To answer your question, yes I have used USB to download the config to the gateway. I can then go in over the network web page to the gateway and it shows that the configuration is set correctly

Can you send me the configuration file (.hcg)?