Anybus X-Gateway AB7670-F cannot communicate with Distributed input devices

I’m using gateway AB7670-F to communicate between Siemens S7-1200 PLC (Profinet) and Ethernet/IP components like Phoenix Contact Distributed I/O device and pneumatic valves blocks.

I am trying to configure the gateway with Phoenix Contact Distributed I/O device - AXL E EIP DI16 M12 6P - 2701493 since 2 days and nothings works. I tried every configuration possible and the Ethernet/IP side of the gateway is always in error and cannot communicate with the devices.
Here is the Ethernet/IP assembly instances from the datasheet of the manufacturer :

And the configuration in the gateway :

This is only an input module (no output byte need in the configuration) and the gateway does not seem to be able to communicate with this input module, but I configured an Input/Ouput module of the same type (Distributed I/O device - AXL E EIP DIO16 M12 6P - 2701494) and it seems to work with succes. Is it a problem with the configuration of the gateway or an incompatibility between the two devices ?

Someone can help/explain me what is the problem ?

Can you share the full documentation for the device and the settings that you used on the working device?

This is the documentation for the 2701493 (input devices) and 2701494 (input/output devices).2701493.pdf (389.5 KB) 2701494.pdf (406.5 KB)

Great, thank you. Also, have you been able to capture the error messages? (You can use the Molex EIP tool or Wireshark)

I assume you have tried swapping input and output, and tried switching 193 to 192, for example?

Yes exactly, I tried a lot of configuration. I also tried to use the configuration of the Input/Output devices … But I did try to capture the error messages. So I can do this.

The configuration looks right, so we are going to need the CIP errors. I also saw in the manual that there are quite a few LED indicators, so if you can also share the status of those that would be helpful.

I tried to capture the error message with wireshark but I did not see anything. This is the first time I use this tool. Maybe you can explain me how to obtain this error.

So with Wireshark you will need to capture all the packets during a transaction and then find the ones that contain error messages. When you start it up, all you need to do is select the correct interface and it will begin capturing, just hit the red square in the top left to stop. If you have a packet capture, please share it and we can take a look.

It may be easier to use the Molex EIP tool, which you can download here, which allows you to construct the message on your PC and receive the response which will contain the error code. You will want to use the Explicit Message tab:

This is the status of the LED in front of th gateway and the phoenix contact device.

Can you share a screen shot of your Scan List config?

According to the LEDs on both devices, the CIP connection hasn’t been established, but there is network activity indicated on both sides, IP addresses are configured and devices are ready. The Anybus indicates a fault. So we’re going to need to get those error codes.

For Wireshark, you would need a hub or a layer 3 switch capable of port mirroring to put the PC between the Gateway and IO device. Otherwise you could use the Molex tool on the PC to imitate the packets being sent by the Gateway.

I already shared the config in my first message. This is a screen shot of the overall scan list config menu. To be sure that nothing is in conflict, I try to communicate with the faulty device only.

I already used a MURR Electronik Ethernet Switch #58171. But I don’t know if this switch is capable of port mirroring.

I captured the packets with wireshark, it doesn’t seem to have much communication. This is the packet capture. Unfortunately, I cannot interpret the results…Packet_capture_2701493.pcapng (4.8 KB)

Looks like you are only capturing the broadcast traffic, which won’t help us in this case. I’ll take a look at the info on that switch to see if it supports mirroring.

Looks like an unmanaged switch, which typically aren’t capable of port mirroring. I will try to create some instructions for using the Molex tool, but I have to leave for the day in a few minutes, so it probably won’t be until tomorrow. I also have an escalation in with the Anybus folks to see if they know of any special considerations for this use case.

No problems, I will wait your instructions for using de Molex tool because I am beginner with all this commucation stuff…

Can you confirm your settings look like this (just the highlighted ones) and test it again when you get a chance:

Anybus Configuration Mgr - X-Gateway:

Web Interface:

(and make sure it’s in Running state)

What the settings look like for the Profinet side ?

I don’t have the information about the Profinet side, and we can focus on that once we get the Ethernet/IP side working. I would assume it would be 6 bytes in and 0 bytes out, but I’m not sure.

I am not able to put 0ms in UCMM request timeout, 1000ms is set by default.
I tried to use your settings and the state is the same. Error on the gateway with the MS LED flashing red and the NET LED of the Phoenix Input device flashing green…