Anybus X-Gateway CanOpen - Ethernet-IP - AB7306-B


What cable or additional hardware is required to connect the Configuration Manager to the AB7306-B. I read in the manual that the USB B port was not able to be used to connect to the AB7306-B and upload configurations. I have tried using a USB to CAN adapter from GridConnect to connect but when I launch the Configuration Manager and look for connections it does not find the adapter. Do I need a specific USB to CAN adapter?

I am using the Anybus Configuration Manger - CANopen software, v

Do I need to install any additional drivers? I have already installed all of the GridConnect adapter drivers and am able to use PCAN to scan the CANbus data correctly.

I need immediate help. Thanks.



@us_sales Can you assist this customer in finding the correct USB-to-CAN device for setting up the AB7306?

  • Spoke with customer on phone, their USB to CAN adapter does not appear to be compatible with the software


you will need Ixxat part# 1.01.0281.12001. You can purchase this through the same distributor that you purchased the AB7306.