Anybus X-Gateway CC-Link IE Field slave failing to establish communication

We all diagnostics LEDs green except Error LED is red.

We have a customer’s CC-Link IE Field ring network where we are trying to integrate our device. Anybus is working as a translator between Ethernet/IP and CC-Link IE Field.

CC-Link IE Field networks’ data is at least 2176 bytes, but our node’s section should be 512 bytes, which is the limit for X-Gateway.

On CC-Link IE Field master PLC side, Anybus is configured as an intelligent device station (remote station).

What can we do to remedy the error led? According to manual it is “Station not operating normally, illegal station number, parameter error”

Do you have the article number of the device? Is it AB7956?

Make sure that the IO size matches between the PLC and the Anybus configuration. Please follow these instructions to change the IO size on the Anybus.

Hi @MarkusAL,

Are you still having problems with this device?

Hello Kyle!

I am no longer having issues with this.

There are two points that contributed to fixing the issue:

  1. Total network traffic of CC-Link IE Field was “downgraded” and limited to 512 bytes
  2. All dip-switches were set to ON
  3. Anybus X-Gateway had settings network 19 and node 1, but these were not activated. I activated network 20 and then 19 again and it started working.




Great - thanks for the update!