Anybus X-gateway - EtherNet/IP Scanner - PROFINET-IRT Device

Hi there,

I have an application where I’m required to connect Siemens S7-300 PLC to Allen Bradley Remote I/O Rack with Anybus X-gateway AB7503 that with EtherNet/IP Scanner on one side, and PROFINET on the other side, with following hardware:
1 x Siemens S7-300 [PLC - Profinet]
1 x AB7503 [Gateway]
1 x AllenBradley 1756-EN2TR/C [Communication Interface - EtherNet/IP]
2 x AllenBradley 1756-IB32/B [Digital Input Module]
1 x AllenBradley 1756-OB32/A [Digital Output Module]
1 x AllenBradley 1756-OW16I/A [Digital Relay Output Module]

I was able to successfully setting up connection between S7-300 & AB7053, no problem so far for PROFINET.
But I was not able to make any progress on EtherNet/IP side.
The MS & NS light was GREEN BLINKING, and I have no clue on how to configure for the Scan List Configuration. Could anyone give some ideas how should that be done?

Please see:

4.2 Scan List Configuration

in the user manual for instructions.

You need the correct Connection Points from the manufacturer’s documentation to set up the connection. Other than that, it is just setting a valid size, offset, and poll rate.