Anybus X-Gateway IO Mapping

We have an Anybus X-gateway – EtherNet/IP Scanner - PROFIBUS Slave to have our PC (EtherNet/IP slave) communicate to a Profibus Master PLC.

Say I have our PC configured for 11 consecutive bytes of outputs listed as follows on the EtherNet/IP side:
• UDINT (4 bytes)
• Byte (1 byte)
• INT (2 bytes)
• UDINT (4 bytes)

I can leave the Anybus Configuration Manager for the gateway at 20 bytes for input and output data sizes, since it will give us additional spare bytes for later on.

Our client is implementing the Profibus-side mapping on Siemens PLC, and I have sent them the GSD for the gateway.

My question is, if I were to have the 11 bytes for OUTPUT laid out that way on our EtherNet/IP side, what would be the proper way to map their INPUT for this Profibus side, considering I need to send consecutive UDINT, Byte, INT, and UDINT.

Hi @Nirav,

The data will be mapped to the Profibus side in the same order that it’s read on the Ethernet/IP side. They are essentially sharing the same memory space.

Ethernet/IP Input <–> Profibus Output
Ethernet/IP Output <–> Profibus Input

Thanks for your quick support on this!

So for example, in this case, considering the first variable to be mapped is a UDINT (4 bytes), then the Profibus side would have to combine the first 3 inputs listed (1 word, 1 byte, and 1 byte inputs) into a single UDINT variable for a proper read?

I’m not sure what this looks like in your software for the Profibus network, but yes, you would need to combine the first 4 bytes to create your UDINT. Keep in mind, you may need to swap bytes, so if the value you’re getting is way off, check the byte order.