Anybus X Gateway Modbus Question

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Hey there,

I’ve attached 2 pictures of our gateway we are trying to configure. 1st picture is reading values from the gateway and the second is from the network.

How can you tell which register value is what from the network and from the gateway?

I’m not sure I completely understand what you are asking. The Monitor screen is just intended to show if data is present and being exchanged for diagnostic purposes. That said, you can see that the bytes are labelled (up to 64), so your first register is going to be the first 2 bytes (C0 01), and so on. Both screens show the same registers, they are just flipped depending on which side you are reading them from.


Also, for Modbus, please note that there are two different addressing modes you can choose from, Modbus Address Mode and Anybus Address Mode.

Modbus Address Mode:

Anybus Address Mode:

Great thanks for your help Kyle!

Is there a way to increase the range of the monitor window so it displays more than 64 bytes?

No, I’m sorry, that cannot be changed.

Hi All,
This discussion is very helpful for me so far, but I am still confused which area is which.
On Slave/Slave gateway; in the manuals you use “Network 1” and “Network 2” designation.
In the web monitor there is “From Gateway” and “From Network” designation.
In the Anybus Configuration Manager for X-gateways there is “Upper” and “Lower” side.
Can you confirm please which data area corresponds to which name in all cases. Or maybe there is a manual which explains all that. I would like just to be sure when I monitor online which area is which.

Hello @elgreco,

The manuals use Network 1 and Network 2 since they are interchangeable. From Gateway or from Network depends on the perspective and what network you are connected to and what web page you are looking at. For example if you are connected to the top and viewing this web page then the from gateway is date from the bottom interface. The from network on one interface is always the from gateway on the opposite interface.


Thanks Deryck.
So to confirm - I’ve got Profinet Slave on top and connected to this side, and Modbus RTU Slave at the bottom. From Gateway is data received from Modbus, and From Network is data received from Profinet.