Anybus X Gateway Profinet IO to Modbus RTU Slave

Anybus X Gateway Profinet IO to Modbus RTU Slave.
I have a Wago PLC with Modbus RTU Master RS485.
I can read from the Anybus module to the PLC, but i cannot write to the Annybus X then i get Illegal Address.

I uses RS485, 19.2kbits, 8 data bits, 2 stop bits, parity - none, flow control - none, Ascii mode - none.

I uses FC3 and FC4 to read data from Anybus X to PLC this works fine.
I uses FC6 and FC16 to write to the Anyubus X, then i got Illegal Address.

Anyone got som idea what causes this?

Hello Gunnar,

What is the Register address that you are tryin to write to?

Also what is the IO Sizes that you set up for the Anybus X-Gateway?

You will need to ensure that you have space available in the Output Buffer of the Anybus X-Gateway. As for the addressing, the Output buffer address starts at 1025 and ends at 1280.

You can check the Address Overview page with the Anybus Configuration Manager to see open Data ranges for the Output Buffer.