Anybus X-Gayeway AB7672 Timeout Reading Configuration Using Configuration Manager

I having trouble connecting to the AB7672 module with my Windows 10 laptop.
Sometimes I can get it to work, if first I connect the USB to the module and then open Config Manager, then reboot the module.
But, this only works occasionally.
I tried the Config Manager on a different machine, but it was still Hit or Miss.
This is the error I receive “Timeout when communicating with module!”

I checked to make sure I have only one Transport provider on my laptop.

I also downloaded the latest version of Config. Manager. Ver

Is there a fix for this issue?

We have had a few reports of this issue, but have been unable to reproduce it. The Anybus team is investigating.

In the meantime, you can try using an older version of the Anybus Config Manager:

Anybus Configuration Manager - X-gateway Setup (2.1 MB)

Or you can configure the X-Gateway using hyperterminal:

X-gateway and (453.5 KB)

I will check to see if they’ve made any progress on the issue and let you know when I have an update.

Could you help us by providing the version of Windows you are running (Windows 10 Pro, for example) and the build? You can find the info by going to Run and entering “winver”.


Thank you.

Kyle, thanks for the prompt reply.

Attached is the info you requested.

WinVer.bmp (1.06 MB)

Thank you!

I spoke to the Anybus engineers and they were asking if you would be willing to exchange your device for a new one so they can do some tests and try to recreate the issue.

I would love too, but the module belongs to Toyota, and I was contracted to setup a system that incorporates the said module.

I finally got it to connect after a hour or so messing with it.

OK - I understand, glad you got it working! Thanks for the update!


I think I found the solution to the problem with connecting to the module.

  1. Plug in the usb cable .
  2. Open Gateway Manager
  3. Ensure your Com port matches.
  4. Click on connect.
  5. Power of the gateway without disconnecting.
  6. Once the Gateway comes back up it should be fine.
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That’s great! The next time we have someone with that problem I’ll give that a shot. Thanks a lot!

Experiencing the same issue while using Windows 10 version 1909 (OS Build 18363.778).

I have attempted to use hyperlink and also power cycled the X-gateway while keeping the USB plugged in.

I can connect but get the timeout message when I upload or download.

Your help is appreciated.

If your com port matches, then once you receive the error, power cycle the gateway, then try to connect.
This work for me.
Good luck.

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