Anybus-X J1939 Address Undefined

I’m trying to configure an Anybus X-gateway – Ethernet Adapter/Server – J1939 but I can’t seem to set the J1939 Address. I can ping the IP and I can connect through the browser but the J1939 Address, Network Status, Network Fault and the Run/Idle Mode all say “Undefined.” I tried setting the address anyways and power cycling the device to no avail. I also tried to configure using the Bridgeway Configuration tool though it always listed the mode as “Not Detected.”

Hi @RyanDruffelDMC,

The J1939 Network Configuration is explained on page 32 of the User Manual. As you mentioned, it should be configured using the BWConfig tool.

Do you have the device connected to the CAN bus?

Have you tried a Quickstart Config?
QuickStartEIP.cfg (166 Bytes)
SCM-1200-032 Quick Start Configurations for J1939 1_00.pdf (643.5 KB)

Thanks for linking these resources. The quick start config guide looks like it will be handy.

I have a device that can connect to the gateway over ethernet which is how I was accessing the Status & Settings page (with all the “Undefined” results). Unfortunately I don’t believe I have a CAN bus connection (which I now realize is probably why BWConfig won’t connect). I will ask about what connections I have available. Is it possible that the “Undefined” J1939 Address and Status is a result of the BridgeWay not being configured?

For reference, I am working remotely on an existing, unfinished project that I picked up from another contractor so I don’t know all the details/history of what I’m working with.