Arbitrary limit to enumerations?

Hi, I am setting up a Modbus Template for a new device, and I seem to have hit a limit to the number of enumeration values I can enter when editing the template. I have tried both entering them as key-value pairs in the text field, and using the “Edit” method to enter each of them individually.



I have checked the length of the string, and it is only 1024 characters long, which looks suspiciously like an artificial limitation to me (exactly 1KB)

Is there any way around this? The string I would like to add is probably less than twice as long, but even that would be insufficient to encode an 8-bit enumeration. With this 1K length limit I could not even have a single character description for every register (1024/256 = 4 chars per entry).

At this point I will have to just use the numeric value and have people decode it themselves, which is less than ideal.

Hi @wolft01 ,

Sorry for the delay on this one, I’m going to escalate this with one of my colleagues and see what I can find out for you on the enumeration character limit


Hi @wolft01,

Here’s what I heard back:

The limit is 1024 characters, not a specific number of enumerations connected to one parameter, this is a fixed value from the developers and can´t be changed. The limitation is for each parameter created and if they need more enumerations for the paramter, they need to shorten their messages.


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Is there really no hope of a future update to improve this length?

My use case is a fault code enumeration on a motor drive, where one enumeration is used to identify every possible fault. Even if I only had 100 codes that leaves only about 6 characters for each enumeration value, which is nowhere near enough to provide unambiguous text.

1024 might be enough for most parameters, but this is simply not enough for error codes or other scenarios with many possible values. I am honestly surprised if I’m the first person to hit this limit.


Sorry but from what I’ve been told, this is something that we cannot change. it seems that there is a hard cut off at 1024 characters.

One thing that you could do would be to add multiple reads of the same parameter and the setup the enumeration for the different steps. Other than that I’m not sure what else you might be able to do.