We are trying to communicate to the device which accepts ASCII commands. We are able to read back from the device however we are unable to issue commands to the device.

Could you please help us understand how this can be setup into Anybus AB7000 configuration?

Thanks and regards

Hrishikesh Tambe

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Pages from Caframo - 1540 - Manual.pdf (58.7 KB)

I assume you are getting an error when you try to write to the device, is that correct?

If so, what is the error? Do you have a log?

If possible, please share the log and your configuration file.



Hi Kyle

The problem is that we are not getting any errors. We are getting response from device which we can read from logger. However when we send command, we are not able to get any response from the device.



Can you clarify? Are you only seeing the response in the logs?

If this is the case, it may be a timing issue. Try adjusting the message delimiter. (For example, try 50, 100, 200, etc. to see if get data).

Have you tried using a Modbus scanner on your PC to send the commands?