ASCII end char


I am setting up a node with a device that will communicate via modbus ascii, in master/slave mode as it has a specific NodeID. The device manual specifies that the data packet will start with either a “:” or “;” (0x3A or 0x3B) for a data packet with or without CRC. That part is straight forward. My question is regarding the end syntax. It must have “CRLF” which is two ASCII characters “0D 0A” How do I specify the two characters in the end character value field?


Im using the Studio5000 configuator. I attached an image of what I currently have entered.

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I realize that I need to use Generic Data Mode in order to specify the start and end char, not Master/Slave mode. However, my orginial question still stands.

Also, here is the synx that did not post correct.

You can also add constants to the individual messages. This would work the same as an end character.

If the protocol works as a Query/response, meaning every message sent by the Communicator will receive a response from the node then I would recommend master mode and add the end characters as constants.

Thank you Deryck, I will try that approach.