Asking for SIM Card Info


Hi Thomas,

This should be what you’re looking for


Let me know if you need anything else


Thank you.

Just to confirm, I attached a picture of where I entered the number that you provided. It forced me to add a “+” sign in front of the numbers. It has been “IN PROGRESS” for a while.
Making sure I’m on the right track.

Let me know when you can. Also, I have been having some other issues with the alarms that I have configured, but I’d like to address this problem first before we move on to that. Just a heads up.


Hey Thomas,

Yeah you should need to add a + in front of the number. Is it still showing in progress or has it already connected?

Also does it ask for an APN?



It’s still showing “In Progress”

The only place it asks for an APN is if I connect to it locally via the USB cable under the Modem Settings tab. I did that yesterday and the APN I used was: m2m005021.attz. This seemed to work because my modem light is solid green and it says I have a signal on the AT&T network.


When you put in the APN locally was the device showing up as online in Argos?


I’ve got the cell / mobile service working even though the software still says its waiting for a response. I went through the logs of the Netbiter and it looks like it was able receive and send a response.

My new issue, which is HUGE, is with the alarms. I have the alarms setup for email on change of state. However, it will only send 3-4 alarms per hour unless someone goes online and acknowledges the alarm through the Argos Software. Is there a way to disable this? The customer we are selling this project to is not going to want to go online with Argos to acknowledge an alarm.

I greatly appreciate the help you’ve provided. If you can get back with me as quickly as possible on this issue it would be great.


Tim, I have another SIM card that I need a mobile number for just like we went through before.

The information for that SIM card and Netbiter are as follows:

SIM Card ICCID#: 89011703278166709645

Netbiter System ID: 003011FA7755

Let me know if you need any other information in order for you to acquire the mobile number. Again, it was not supplied even though it was ordered straight from HMS. I really need this as quickly as possible if there’s anything you can do to escalate the issue.

Thanks for all the help thus far. Much appreciated.


Hey Thomas,

I’m not sure if you already saw this document, but it should be pretty helpful with this part of setting up the device


Thank you. I do have that document.

At this point I really need the Mobile SIM Card Phone number that is supposed to come with a SIM card ordered from HMS, but it did not. A few days ago you were able to provide this to me for the first SIM Card that we purchased. But we have another SIM card that we need the number for.

Here is the information for the SIM card and the Netbiter that will use it:

SIM Card ICCID#: 89011703278166709645

Netbiter System ID: 003011FA7755


Hey Thomas,

Here’s the other one



Hey Thomas,

Just wanted to see if you were all set with the device now or if you had any other questions on this?



Yes, not without many frustrations.

I’d like to point out that I did not need a mobile number for the SIM cards. That would have been nice to have known in the beginning. In fact, I think it still says that it is waiting to confirm the number.

The SIM cards we received from HMS came with instructions that are completely outdated. One of the first steps was to go online and download firmware for the Netbiter from the website. The firmware version was 1.4.9. That version doesn’t even exist on the website anymore because it is so outdated. As you might imagine, for someone setting this up for the first time, this was extremely confusing.

Additionally, the website is very misleading. Under the “View and Control: What’s included” section of the website it states, “Direct alarms to yourself or service personnel in the field via Email or SMS”. I can’t be the only person who’s thought that this means you could send alarms to multiple email addresses.

My frustration is not directed at you personally. I do appreciate what help you did provide. I feel as though I need to voice these issues to someone in hopes that it prevents a potential Netbiter customer from making the same assumptions I did.


Hey Thomas,

Sorry for all of the confusion. I’m a little new to working with these as well. I’ll see if we can work on creating a new startup guide for the Netbiters.