Assigning a profinet name to a device across an eWON


Last week I had an eWON at a customer’s facility to do a remote download to their machine. In order to get things running, I needed to change the profinet name to a PLC. However, I was not able to do this even though I could go online with the PLC. Also, my tools for scanning the network for connected IP addresses (Proneta, Primary Setup Tool, TIA Portal) do not work across the eWON. Do you have any tools you recommend for scanning a Lan network and assigning names across the eWON?


The reason your scan did not work is that they use an ARP broadcast message to find those devices. That type of network packet cannot traverse a router however which is why your scanning did not work.

For finding IP addresses, I use a software called AngryIP Scanner (not an HMS product) which works by pinging all IP addresses in a defined subnet and then finding their name based on the response.

If you needed scanning to work in TIA portal you could enable our broadcast forwarder parameter


Thank you for the information so far. I was able to scan using TIA Portal. However, when I have the broadcast forwarding option enabled I am not able to go online with the PLC. Also, I am still not able to change the name of a device. Any more on this?


The broadcast forwarder should not change anything in relation to your ability to get online in TIA. Did you set the adapter in TIA as shown in that KB document?

Also, what name are you referring to changing?

Yes, I did set the TIA adapter as shown.

With Siemens there is a profinet name associated with hardware. In the even that a new piece of hard ware is installed, it needs a name assigned to it. This is what I was not able to do.

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You can try use this software directly form your customer:
Siemens PST
In my case I have a plc and a Panel pc with windows, in the display have installed that software for change the profinet name or you can ask at your customer to use a notebook with a team viewer and that software.


I tried to assign the profinet name using PST when I was connected to a Siemens PLC from a Windows PC via the eWON but got an error. See video. I get the same error whether or not I have Broadcast Forwarding enabled or not. Did you see the same error? How did you have PST set up?

I use that software directly on the machine in the panel PC or using a customer’s notebook not from my office using ewon connection

Hi Jseanor,

I just want to let you know that the proposed solution works halfway only. It is true true that by activating the Broadcast function accessible devices is able to find all conected devices even if an IP has not been assigned. The bad part is that it does not allow to set device name and IP addresses to PNIO devices. The only solution is to use the Siemen PST locally as suggested by another user below.

In case anyone ends up here. Flexy205 V14.3 has a Profinet Explorer that allows setting Profinet Name. Setup/Main/Profinet Explorer.