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Does anyone know how I can put a automatic log off command into my viewon page so that if a customer / user is logged in for a time period it will automatically log them out? I am trying to reduce the amount of data used for my systems. Some people like to log in via M2Web and leave it up for days at a time. Or is there is another way to limit the time of use.

Hello Mike,

I think the following doc is what you are looking for. It sets up a timer in viewon to logout of an m2web session.
How to logoff a user in viewON automatically (

Hi Deryck,

Is it possible to put a button on a viewon screen to log out manually?

I tried viewon script – window.location.href = ‘…/…/Ast/LoggedOffAst.htm’;

This doesn’t work.


Hi @Mihir,

Are you asking to add a logout button?


That’s correct Deryck.

I need to add a button on the main screen for logout.


Hello @Mihir,

You would not want to use a view on script you should be able to simply have the button load the logout page. However I believe the logout page has changed, testing it Friday I was not able to get a button to work.

Here is an topic on our developer forum that might be helpful. Logout for firmware 13 (

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How to manual log out from viewOn all pages by clicking button ?

Above link is not opening


Here is a copy of the script from that forum. I recommend creating an account on that site to see the full thread for details.
Auto_LogOff (2).zip (182.8 KB)