AWB 2030 and Allen Bradley 1783-NATR

I am trying to use a Wireless Bolt connected to an Allen Bradley 1783-NATR. I am trying to use NAT to translate addresses for a PLC (1769-L30ERM) and a PanelView Plus. The Bolt is setup to connect to our plant network and is connected to the public port of the NATR. The private port 1 on the NATR is connected to an unmanaged switch which is connected to the PLC and PanelView. I can get the NATR to work when I plug a wired network connection to the public port. When I plug the Bolt into the public port, I can ping the Bolt and the NATR, but I cannot ping the downstream devices. Eventually, the NATR will not respond to a ping. Cycling power on the Bolt and NATR will bring the connections back most of the time. I am working with someone in our IT Dept, but not getting too far. Do you have a tech bulletin or guidance for settings when connecting the Bolt to a NAT device?
The addresses are as follows:
Bolt xxx.yyy.15.88 /24
NATR xxx.yyy.15.89 /24 public /24 private
PLC xxx.yyy.15.90 /24 public /24 private
PanelView xxx.yyy.15.91 /24 public /24 private

I would recommend trying a cloned MAC configuration. See Example A.5 so the Bolt is transparent (acting as a wireless adapter for the NATR).