AWB 3000 loosing connection


Just set up a system with 5 AWB3000 units where one is set up as a bluetooth access point and the rest as clients. I’m loosing the connection to all 4 clients 5-10 times per day all at the same time and every time for 5,5 seconds sharp. Can anyone tell me how to troubleshoot this or maybe knows what is going on?

Updated all units to the latest firmware yesterday, still seeing the problem.


Hi Claus,

Are the devices losing connection at the end of the day when the plant isn’t running as well or just during the day?


The plant is running 24/7. The disconnects happens all day.


Also, forgot to mention that the disconnects only happens on the safety modules. Running Allen Bradley Compact GuardLogix with Point IO on each of the clients. The RPI for the safety modules is currently set to 4,5 seconds and can’t go any higher. The standard IO on the clients isn’t lost.


Do you think it will help anything to change the packet policy? Or is that one defaulted to the best performance already?


Just to make sure I’m understanding this correctly, you’re saying that there are other devices connected to the bolt that aren’t dropping? It’s only the safety modules




If you have one of those devices connected to a switch or just directly connected to your pc does it also show a dropoff after a few hours?


And they aren’t dropping if I use wired connection, tried that


No, if using a wired connection they connection is stable.


Also, the standard IO is running with a RPI of 100 ms without problems, but the safety drops even with a timeout of 4.5 seconds (testing purpose only!, has to be much lower).


can you try switching over from bluetooth to either 2.4 GHz or 5GHz to see if the higher throughput helps with this?


I guess, never had much luck using wifi with these though. Has been using Bluetooth on these as it seems to be stable, normally.


Tried the wifi on 5Ghz now, seeing a lot of disconnects to both the standard and safety modules.


Do you know if there’s a lot of traffic on that 5G channel? maybe 2.4 would work


2.4 GHz doesn’t look promising either. Haven’t had any disconnects yet, but the link LED’s indicates the signal is very unstable. Think the Bluetooth has the best performance right now.


Just setting it up. Everything else here is running on 2.4 GHz though. Other than that, there’s a lot of remote controls for cranes but think those are communicating somewhere in the MHz range.


The units are installed in a tower production facility and there is a lot metal around. However I only need to communicate with 1 client at a time and the one I need to communicate with is always in free line of sight to the access point. It doesn’t matter if I loose the other 3. The access point is located in an elevated location where the clients are near the ground.


If you were to lower the RPI like you were mentioning, how long does the timeout last?


Just lowered the RPI to 300 ms. I think that shouldn’t be unrealistic when the standard IO is running fine with a RPI of 100 ms.