AWB 3000 loosing connection

Just lost the connection to all again. The timeout was 9700 ms, see picture

Hi Claus,

I think I might need to escalate this ticket to our colleages in Belgium to see what else we can try for this



They were asking the following:

How many Bolts are there and what distance between them?

How many PLCs?

What kind of data are we talking about? 10, 100, 1000, 10k of bytes? In total or per PLC?
Roughly the same time?

is that like 5,5 hours from startup or is it something happening between 14:30 and 14:50 every day?

Hello Tim,

We’re talking about 5 bridges all of type AWB3000. One is configured as a Bluetooth NAP (easy config mode 6) and the rest as Bluetooth clients (easy config mode 4).

The distance is approx 50 m to the one furthest away, however I don’t need to communicate with that one during production. Only need to communicate with one at a time. The one required is always in free line of sight and not more than max 30 m away. The rest that aren’t needed are not in free line of sight and as said, further away. The distance between the clients is 10-20 m between each.

There’s one PLC (Rockwell 5069-L306ERS2) located on LAN side of the NAP. Each client is directly wired to a remote IO rack (Rockwell 1734-AENT) with only little IO.

The data from/to each client is exactly the same. There’s 8 digital outputs, 4 digital inputs, 2 analog inputs and the 2 safety digital outputs on each, so guess the data is somewhere between 10 and 100 bytes.

The drop outs is not consistent to any patterns I’ve found. We can have 4-5 hours without any drop outs then get 5 within the next 30 minutes. I would say though, the drop outs seems to happen more often during day time even though the production is the same 24/7. Asked them if something isn’t running during night shift, they said no, it’s the same.

One question as well,

This is currently a test setup installed on one line in the production. We have 14 more lines to install this on. Do you have any thoughts/concerns about installing 75 bridges in the same building? The lines are distributed over 500 m

Thanks for the response, I’ll send these over to him and see what information they can give me

Hello Tim,

Any updates?

Hello Tim,

I’ve noticed that the uptime of the bridge configured as the NAP seems to be inconsistant to the PLC’s uptime even though they are supplied from the same power supply. Is there any way this is caused by the bridge rebooting for some reason?

and is there any way to get a log indicating why it’s rebooting, e.g. power loss, some kind of error, etc?

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