AWB2031_Channel Selection (AT Command)



We are currently running 1.6.3 with Client option selected for WLAN Configuration with Layer2 Cloned MAC.

We have two access points where we would like Bolt to switch channels.

We have tried ATWSCHL=60,116,1 command for 5GHz channel selection. But everytime we do this and cycle power, Bolt System Overview shows us default spectrum at 2.4 GHz with Auto Channel selected. Upon ATWSCHL?, our output is still “60,116”.

We are confused with whatever we are doing might not be correct.

All we would like to do is select two channels on 5GHz (60,116) for our bolts to connect to.



Hey Steve,

In order to change S-Parameters you’ll need to do something like what’s shown below:


Also many of the changes that are made using AT commands require a reboot before they become active. Let me know if you’re still running into issues with the BSSID setup


For the 4003 Register, We’d recommend that you either decrease the value from -70 to something like -80 to make it so that the signal will need to get worse before it changes.
(this would have you hold onto the original connection longer)

Or we could lower the value of 4002 and make that value smaller so that it will be switching and looking for connections more often



Just wanted to see if you guys got this issue resolved or if Chris Biester got in touch with you for sending someone out there?