Backup eWON via eCatcher


I am no longer able to see the ewon flexy on eBuddy when I am connected to it via eCatcher. I used to be able to, as it is explained in the documentation.

I am still able to access the webportal of the flexy though, and I see the ewon in eBuddy when I am connected on the same network without the VPN.

I use eCatcher v6.6.4 and eBuddy v12.3

Thank you


There may be an issue with the broadcast messages of the TAP adapter or Ewon, but it’s really hard to say without seeing a packet capture or something from your PC. You should probably open a case by going to so that a local technician in the EU can work with you directly to resolve because they are either going to have to instruct you on what to send or do a Teamviewer to look at your system.

However, if you know how to create a packet capture with Wireshark of the TAP adapter, while occasionally hitting the refresh button in eBuddy, I can take a look at it to see if I can get a general idea of where the problem is.