Backup of anybus x-gateway

We have an AB7808-F in one of our critical machines. Therefore we would like to make sure we have a backup for each device.

If i needed to replace this device, what would i need to copy this software to the new device.

I have been able to upload the .hcg file from ‘anybus configuration manager’ project.
see here: anybus profibus-modbus config file.hcg (2.4 KB)

But i doubt this is all there is to configuring this device, because nettools etc is empty and ive been reading there are web interface based logins? (im not sure).

Is this file the only config i have to do or do i need to do more configurating?
If so what and how would i upload that?


The configuration from ACM only backups the IO sizes and a few other settings for the network interfaces. You would need to save the configuration from Nettool Profibus to restore the profibus masters configuration. I would also recommend you backup up the GSD files used in the configuration.