BACnet server Topic limit


I have a Flexy 205 configured to retrieve BACnet Values from PLCs.

When I configure the topics with the BACnet ID of the devices I need to reach and configure the values, I’m able to retrieve the values.

The problem is that limits me to 3 topics so 3 devices and I have more than that to monitor.

In the HMS BACnet documentation I saw the statement:
" To poll data registers out of your BACNET device, you need to define at least one Topic. Topics are meant to allocate common properties to a group of tags

The topic settings (except the Poll Rate) are optional and can be defined in the Tag address as well. This allows you to poll more than 3 BACNET devices. Leave them blank if you define them in the Tag address."

I tried to add the “Device ID” in the tag address with different syntaxes like 1000/ANALOG_INPUT:1 or 1000:ANALOG_INPUT:1 without success.

Can you tell me how to specify the device ID in the tag when it’s not declared in the topic so I can reach more than 3 devices like stated in the documentation ?

Thank you !

It is the last value and it should prompt you for it if you click on the field: