Bad contact 18 pin connector

Hello, We are using bolts with the 18 pin connector. We are having problems with poor contact of the rx / tx wires on the 18 pin connector. Often we lose communication, we move the wires a little and communication comes back. We have tried wires with ferrules, without ferrules, with a larger gauge of wire. The last solution tried was tin wires, it was better, but eventually the problem came back. The contacts look like new without corrosion, we need your expertise to find a lasting solution. thank you

Hi @Maxi,

Could you share a picture of your connector and how the wires are them selves look?

We don’t see to many issue with continuity with the connector, but I have seen mistakes made with placing wires into them. such as the push pins/tabs were not used to open the connector correctly first so the wires were on the out side. Make sure you push the pin in all they before inserting the wire then release ensuring the wire is secure. You also want to make sure you strip enough of the wire so it does not catch on the shielding.