Basic script SENDEMAIL error

I am trying to send a email from a Flexy 205 using the basic script, but keep getting a error that I need a ‘=’ for some reason. I have tried different combinations from other posts and the programming manual with the same results. I have attached the section of code and the error to see what I am doing wrong. I have a text file called Data1.txt in the usr directory.

Thank you for any help you can provide.


The Action you are trying to perform is SENDMAIL not SENDEMAIL.

Remove the “e” from the command, and try it again.

Good eye that was it.

The email does go out but the file size of the email is 0 bytes, I am assuming that the actual file is not being accessed on the ewon. The file is located in the following path ewons /usr/Data1.txt. So the file appears to be empty. do I need to add additional descriptors?



I would FTP in to the unit to verify if there is actually any data in the file. It could be that the file itself is blank, and the email is sending what is there.

Ok I figured the issue out, the text file created was not encoded for ANSI it was UTF-8.
once I set the file for ANSI encoding it came across in the email correctly.


I am using Filezilla to see the file and there is text, here is the text in the file.

this is a test for Ewon Email main path 1

Recommend the following
Input Name Desc
0 Identifier this will be a data identifer ex T: Torque, AP: Air Pressure, ETC
2 AT or ZT This indicates the Axis or Zone number of the data belongs to.
3 Value Actual value
4 Low Limt low limit for the data
5 High Limit High Limit for the data
6 Date/Time The date and time stapm the data was logged on the PLC

T:1,128.2,90,200,5/3/2021 13:21:00
AP:0,78.65,55,120,5/3/2021 13:21:00


Excellent, I am glad you were able to resolve the issue.