Best way to establish eCatcher/VPN Connection on a Linux Computer?


I have a client that is interested in using eWONs to establish remote access to their machines.

The catch is that they use Linux Computers for development/access to their machines. I see that eCatcher is only supported on Windows, Android, and iOS.

My first idea would be to use a Windows Computer with eCatcher connected, and then have the Windows Computer share the VPN connection over Ethernet/WiFi.

Is my idea viable? What would be the best way to bridge/route the Talk2M eCatcher/VPN connection to the Linux Computer for remote access to the eWON?

Hi David,

I haven’t tried sharing the connection this way, but I can test it.

Another solution is use a Windows host to share the connection with a Linux virtual machine, but I can see how your suggestion would be a lot easier if we could get it to work.

The Ewons themselves are compatible with OpenVPN, so you can set up your own server, but it’s much more work and you lose a lot of the features of using our VPN and eCatcher.


Hi @David_Fairchild,

Sorry for the delay. We were able to test this successfully. Did you have the same result?