Bit error


Dear Sir/Madam,
I am facing bit error problem in usb to can v2 compact 1.01.0281.12001 connected to the wind turbine controller.
the baud rate is set to 250 the green light is enabled and while start sending the machine message is displaying bit error.



Can you provide more details about what you are doing and the error message you are seeing? What software are you using? A screenshot of the error might give me a better idea of what is going on.




When Iam testing with the usb to can compact I got the bit error.

Yhe baud rate is 250 the CAN signal is green and when start trasmiiting the can message it shows bit error.

Please find the attachment of the screen shot for the same.



Hello a bit Error indicates it is not seeing any valid traffic. This could be from but not limited to, multiple devices talking at the same time, baud rate set incorrectly, improper termination, a short on the line, incorrect CAN ID’s or even just a bus that is to long.

How far of a CAN bus do you have? Is there proper termination on the bus? You should have 120ohms at each end and measure about 60 ohms on the bus.




I’m having this same issue. I’m using the USB-to-CAN 2.0 and transmitting packets with the CanAnalyserV3 Mini. The Green light is on for CAN 1, there is a 120-ohm termination resistor between CAN High and CAN Low, but I just get a bunch of bit errors with the ID (hex) as well as Data (hex). Maybe i’m not setting these values properly. Do you have a list of Extended J1939 ID (hex) and Data (hex) values that work properly with the CanAnalyserV3 Mini? Otherwise I’m not sure what to do. I’ve attached a screenshot.





My guess is there is something still not configured correctly on the wiring configuration or the bus settings. Can you provide more details about the devices on the bus. Do you only have 1 resistor? There should be a 120 ohm resistor at each end of the bus. Are the baud rates set correctly? Do any other devices on the bus have issues communicating?



This is what I have setup so far

Does it need to look like this?

Or this?


The resistance would be 60 across the bus but there would be 120 on each side. This side provides a nice diagram.