Bolt as an access point


I have set up the Bolt on my machine to allow wireless access to a webserver running on my HMI. I would like to restrict IPs to specific MAC addresses so I can control which devices can connect to the bolt. Can this be done? If so, how?


We don’t support this feature at this time as there is not much demand for it, as it can take some work to set up and maintain and does not improve security.

See this article for more information about how it is trivial to bypass MAC address filtering:



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We are using this as a method for a maintenance person to be able to jog / test equipment on a large piece of equipment without having to run up and down ladders to an HMI or have multiple people for a simple task. Can I limit the number of connected devices to 1? That would accomplish what I am after. From a safety standpoint, if I have one guy working on the machine, I don’t want someone else able to log in and operate the equipment.



Hi Chet,

I don’t think this is possible when the device is configured as an access point. Is it the same device that is always connecting to it or do multiple devices connect at different times?



I was going to say that if only one device needs to connect to the Bolt, it should be secure using the WPA2-PSK with a strong password and just saving that in the one device.