Bolt/Bridge as Ethernet cable replacement


I’ve seen the Wireless Bridge II application notes entitle “Ethernet Bridge via WLAN or Bluetooth”, but I’m not sure it quite covers my application, since it talks about devices getting dynamic IP addresses. In my case I have one Bolt, connected via Ethernet directly to a PLC; and one Bridge II, connected by Ethernet to the building’s internal network. I want to use them as a wireless Ethernet cable replacement, but I just have a single static IP address assigned for the PLC to use, so the Bolt and Bridge won’t be able to get their own addresses on the building network.

What’s the procedure for setting up a link like this? I’m assuming it involves layer 2 bridging, so that traffic between the PLC and network pass seamlessly over the wireless link, but I could also see how setup could be tricky because you might lose access to the web interface once it was set up. Can someone help?

This type of configuration is described here. You can just use Easy Config to create a wireless bridge between the PLC and network. You will need to assign an IP addresses to one of the Anybus devices so that you can communicate with the web interface for setup.