Bolt Connection Problems

I have reset a AWB2000-B S/N: A02E832E to factory settings and I cannot see it in my wan list.
I tried using the onboard Ethernet but my computer just says that the cable is unplugged.

Hello @ASOMSAK ,

A common issue I see with this device is that the wired correctly. First you can check for LED’s internally on the device. If you don’t make sure you have 9-30 v between pin 1 and 2.

You should also be able to see a link on the ethernet port. Since you mention that the pc shows the cable in unplugged. There is a good chance the ethernet cable you are using is either not terminated or possibly has a damaged cable. I recommend trying to rewire the cable as described in section 3.4 of the user manual.

hms-scm-1202-007.pdf (