BOLT Dropping Link


Dropping link, ant latest issues that can improve reliability?

About 100 ft away from each other.

Hi Mike,

It would depend on the reason for the link dropping out. Are the devices disconnecting or is a program showing it is timing out?

Can you provide more info about the setup?

  • What settings are used? Wifi/BT channel etc.
  • Is this two bolts connected or one device connecting to a preexisting AP?
  • What firmware are the devices on?

Two bolts as wireless bridge. Unfortunately site is remote from integrator and be a while before check other status.

Here is at least my recommended setup. Use wifi 2.4 Ghz on channel either channel 1, 6, or 11. Which ever has the least amount of devices. Also, make sure the firmware is updated.

I would also check how the devices are mounted and try to provide a clear line of sight between the two units.