Bolt not consistently responding to pings


Hi Kevin,

Can you let me know if updating the firmware or moving the device helped at all?



I will let you know. Thanks!




We can’t get communications long enough to flash the firmware. We tried to do a factory reset and it won’t take it. It keeps the IP address the we assigned.



We have used multiple cables, multiple web browsers, we get a response on a ping about every 15 seconds, so we can’t establish communication long enough to update the firmware. We are doing this in our office so there shouldn’t be a noise issue. We are thinking its an electrical issue internal to the bolt, the disappointing thing is, we already returned one for the exact same reason. When we have it connected to a switch we get a light on the port that indicates power and one that indicates communication. The power light is really intermittent, we have checked the power supply and have plenty of power to the bolt.


Hey Kevin,

Can I jump on your PC and take a look through teamviewer at some point today?



I will have to see if my counterpart is in today, as we were trying to set it up on his computer. I will let you know.


Sounds good,

Let me know if there’s a time that works for you



Are you available this morning? Let me know a time that works for you, if you are. Thanks


Hello, I’m back now if you’re still available


I’m back in the office. Do you have time?



I’m available right now (8:28 EST) is there a time that works for you?


I’m available all day today, let me know what works for you.


How about 1:30 EST


That will work for me. Thanks!



Can you send me the TeamViewer login info?



Where are you? 10:30 came and went.


What is that?


Sorry about that, the Teamviewer setup was in one of the earlier messages I sent you.

I thought you were going to send me the user id and password for it at 130 but didn’t see anything and got pulled into a call


Is there a number I can call you at if you’re run into issues with teamviewer?