Bricked 131

I purchased a machine that has a Cosy 131 Serial # 1831-017-22. I have been having issues connecting it via WAN for a while and after a few resets it now will power on, the LAN 1 port will flicker with activity for a while but I cannot connect to it anymore. After a few minutes only the PWR led is lit. I have tried doing both resets, recovery, etc etc etc and it still will not let me connect. I am wondering if it’s bricked…


How old is this device? Have you reached out to the machine distributor regarding the Cosy device?

Machine is 6 months old. Yes, I have reached out to the machine distributor and they want to send a technician from Italy to confirm it is faulty.


This is the RMA process that we require to follow:

What is your tech support phone number?


You can reach our tech support office at this number:

Technical Support

Tel: +1 312 829 0601, option 2

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