BSOD Blue screen of death

The below issue is still being explored by the customer but right now they think there is an issue w/ eCatcher and their docking station.

We are in the process of replacing our development laptops. We are using Dell Precision 5510 with the TB16 Thunderbolt port replicator (docking station for multiple displays, etc). After installing my eWON products, I started getting BSODs at random times and then it was almost constant when connected to the port replicator. After several days of troubleshooting ASMedia, the drivers necessary for the port replicator, we have discovered that after uninstalling eCatcher, the machine now boots and operates correctly.

Have you guys heard of any other customers that might be experiencing this same issue? Do you have a means of addressing this with technical support?

Hello, @wemo!

We have seen this issue before with a dock utilizing Thunderbolt ports. The issue is the Thunderbolt drivers are conflicting with the Eltima USB drivers in eCatcher and causing the BSOD. Could you try upgrading to the latest PR version of eCatcher to see if that resolves the issue?

Let us know what you find.


Hi Ashley, No luck on the new PR version of eCatcher. Still BSOD.


The challenge with this issue is that it is not directly caused by eCatcher. One of the drivers used in eCatcher, the Eltima USB driver, is incompatible with certain docking stations causing what you are seeing.

The only real resolutions we have for getting around this would be one of the following:

  1. Uninstall the Eltima USB driver
    As the driver is the root cause of the incompatibility with the docking station, uninstalling this driver will allow you to use eCatcher with no issues on your dock. The caveat however with this solution is you will lose USB/IP capabilities with eCatcher.

    To uninstall simply go to your device manager (search device manager in Windows).
    Locate the Eltima USB Stub -> Right-click it and select Uninstall.

  1. Simply do not use the docking station when you would like to use eCatcher.

I understand these solutions are not perfect however they will at a minimum get you up and running.


Upon further investigation the issue appeared to be caused by a conflict between their existing Thunderbolt docking station and the Eltima USB software used by eCatcher of USB over IP.

The following steps resolved the issue allowing them to work.

  1. Install eCatcher while not docked.
  2. Disable the Eltima USB service from the services.msc window.
  3. Delete the Drivers folder from: C:\Program Files(x86)\eCatcher-talk2m\USBServer\Drivers
  4. Re-dock.

This process seemed to work.

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