CAN Analyzer 3 Mini and AB7307



  • Has a level probe and a hydraulic controller connected to AB7307 (CANopen Master to Profinet IO Slave). It will do a sync bit and a 181, tried to do a transmit PDO but doesn’t look like anything changes, did a pdo mapping. 2 process values, channels from the process center mapped to the anybus but AB device not seeing any data in that channel.
  • Is the CAN Analyzer 3 Mini right product to use with these devices?
  • What does the S (state) mean when monitoring data?



Attached are 4 screen captures. The objective I’m having trouble with is verifying level sensor data using the CanAnalyser 3 Mini. Moving the level float along
the shaft doesn’t make a difference in the data. What don’t I understand or how do I set up the CanAnalyser to accomplish this?



System configuration using Anybus Configuration Manger – CANopen Version

PDO Mapping

Data capture using USB-to-CAN V2 can Analyser3 Mini

Test bench equipment



Sorry for the delay. Can you explain how the USB-to-CAN, AB Communicator, and scope are connected? It’s a little hard to tell in this section of the picture:




Actually, that’s probably not that important. I think I see what you are trying to do and I actually don’t think you need to use CAN Analyzer 3 Mini. Have you tried using the Online Object Access in the Anybus Configuration Manager (under the Tools menu)?



Here’s the physical connection



Kyle, not sure if I’ve tried that. If so, it would have been awhile back.

Not sure how to make online object access work.



Hi Scott,

Are you available for a Teamviewer session to go over this? We are only open about another 30 minutes today so if not now, we can certainly do tomorrow sometime.

Please let me know what would work for you.

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Tomorrow would be better for me. I can have the system set up if you know about what time.



Hi Scott,

Start time between 1-3 EST is best for me, so 12-2 your time?




Thanks for your help. Your suggestion yesterday regarding using the online object access was exactly what I needed. I was making it harder than necessary.

You save me a lot of time. I was able to read the device parameters easily. You may close this ticket.

Thanks again,



Hi Scott,

That’s great - Glad we could help!

Please don’t hesitate to reach out with any further questions.



I was able to read/write to the devices using online object access as you suggested. I was making it harder than necessary. You may close this ticket.

Thanks for your support.